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Taijiquan Yang Style long form beginner

Taijiquan Yang Style long form 2nd section

Taijiquan Yang Style long form 2nd section

Taijiquan Yang Style long form 1st section

Taijiquan Yang Style long form

Taijiquan Repulse Monkees

Tai Chi Soft QiGong

10 Basic Moving Patterns. Purpose of these exercises is balance and regulate energy circulation in 12 Primary Qi Channels as well, gently massage and stimulate internal Organs. With correct Breathing and relaxed movements one can create a very powerful health building system.

Hard QiGong FIst Method Part 1- White Crane

Learn basic patterns of movement and body structure. These techniques are designed to help teach the student how to coordinate breathing and movement for enhanced power. This form should be performed slowly and softly to start then increase tension and intensity as strength and endurance are developed.

Hard QiGong Fist Set Part 2- White Crane

Starting with the Great Master Bodhidharma’s teachings on Muscle and Tendon Changing, Marrow and Brain Washing, Shaolin Kung Fu began it’s powerful influence on Martial Arts and Healing Arts. These exercises are basic shapes and moving patterns of Shaolin Muscle and Tendon Changing through the influence of the White Crane.