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Shaolin Long Fist- Lien Bu Quan/Continuous Stepping

Arms Through Boxing – Tong Bi Quan – Shaolin Kung Fu

Traditional Shaolin Boxing began with exercises designed to enhance one’s energy and strength in the face of long periods of meditation and harsh living conditions. These sequences and forms are the building blocks of power and mindfulness in meditation and in fighting practice. Learn Tradition Shaolin Kung Fu at Detroit Kung Fu Studio.

18 Hands Boxing – Shaolin Kung Fu

18 Hands Boxing sequence is built on the foundation of hard work and training. In traditional Shaolin Kung Fu Training, the student is taught to fight(train) in a straight line and not avoid discipline and hard work. These forms of exercise are dynamic and fun and help to develop a sense of confidence and ability.

Small Arhat Fist- Shaolin Kung Fu Xiao Louhan Quan

This Small Arhat Fist sequence comes from the Traditional Shaolin Boxing cirricullum. All exercises are for cultivation of ones self by building strength in muscles, tendons, bones, mind, and spirit.

No-Mind Method Boxing Part 1 – Yuejia Kung Fu<

This “Mushin” Sequence is part one of four in a series of Forms/Kata learned during my tenure at the School of Chinese Martial Arts in Berkley Michigan. Teaching basic fundementals of striking and side-stepping footwork, this form is wonderful for introducing the students overt and straight forward fighting strategy and martial application.