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Detroit Kung Fu Videos

 "DKFS classes are the perfect mix of the physical workout and confidence booster I need!"
Ishita Gupta 

 "My three children and I have been students of Mr Schoenherr for 4 ½ years.   More t..."
Terry Glaser 

 "In my quest for learning authentic Taijiquan and Kung fu in the Metro Detroit Area, I have to say tha..."
Doreen Cole 

 "I am a busy mother of 2 boys, a business professional, and a teacher. My mind was all over the place...."
Cindy Ziegelman 

Private classes and personal instruction with Sifu Schoenherr are available by appointment only. Sign up and enjoy the undivided attention that comes with a tailored, customized session based on your personal needs and fitness ability.

Benefits Include:

  • One-On-One Interaction
  • Faster Progress
  • Deeper Understanding
  • Advanced Technique