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Detroit Kung Fu Videos

 "DKFS classes are the perfect mix of the physical workout and confidence booster I need!"
Ishita Gupta 

 "My three children and I have been students of Mr Schoenherr for 4 ½ years.   More t..."
Terry Glaser 

 "In my quest for learning authentic Taijiquan and Kung fu in the Metro Detroit Area, I have to say tha..."
Doreen Cole 

 "I am a busy mother of 2 boys, a business professional, and a teacher. My mind was all over the place...."
Cindy Ziegelman 

Sifu Jason Schoenherr 

Born in Royal Oak, Michigan, Sifu Jason Schoenherr is a longtime resident of the Metropolitan Detroit area. As a child Sifu Schoenherr trained in organized sports until he found his true passion: The practice and training of Martial Arts.

Sifu Schoenherr started his Kung Fu training at the age of 20 and spent over 17 years studying both the internal and external principles of classical Martial Arts, including Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Qi-Gong.

His Kung Fu experience includes Yang style Taijiquan, Yuejiaquan, Shaolin Long fist, Shaolin White Crane Qigong, Zazen meditation, Chin Na, and classical weapons training with the Iron Fan, Sword, Staff, and Kwan-Dao.

In his 17 years of training and study, Sifu Schoenherr has become an expert in the techniques of Kung Fu and Tai Chi and emphasizes the internal and external practice and principles of Martial Arts, a philosophy he brings to his own teaching at Detroit Kung Fu Studio.

He has trained under the most well respected teachers in the United States, abroad, and continues his study and practice as a seminar student of renowned Kung Fu teacher Dr. Yang Jwing Ming.

Sifu Schoenherr started as a professional Martial Arts instructor at the age of 25 at The School of Chinese Martial Arts in Berkley, MI, where he quickly grew to his role as head instructor where he taught thousands of students.

After seven successful years of teaching at the school, Sifu Schoenherr was recruited to be a partner in the School of Eastern Martial Arts in Walled Lake, MI.

In the spirit of Kung Fu, “Achievement Through Effort Wisdom Through Skill”, Sifu Jason Schoenherr decided to establish his own Kung Fu school rooted in authentic teaching.