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Detroit Kung Fu Videos

 "DKFS classes are the perfect mix of the physical workout and confidence booster I need!"
Ishita Gupta 

 "My three children and I have been students of Mr Schoenherr for 4 ½ years.   More t..."
Terry Glaser 

 "In my quest for learning authentic Taijiquan and Kung fu in the Metro Detroit Area, I have to say tha..."
Doreen Cole 

 "I am a busy mother of 2 boys, a business professional, and a teacher. My mind was all over the place...."
Cindy Ziegelman 

Chinese martial arts did not begin in temples, but rather grew out of a long and chaotic history. People’s need to protect themselves and desire to conquer others led to the development of hundreds of family and folk Kung Fu lineages. Ancient Daoists and Buddhists began to practice the martial arts in order to defend their temples, protect themselves as they traveled, and strengthen the body for long periods of meditation. Over the generations Daoist and Buddhist theory blended into the martial arts leaving both disciplines changed forever.

Religion is full of paradox and Eastern religions and philosophy are no exception. One of the most compelling paradoxes is that Eastern religions (Buddhism and Daoism) are closely connected to the study of martial arts. The most widely known temple arts are those practiced by the Buddhists at the Shaolin Temple and the Daoists at Wudang Mountain.

So why are martial arts practiced as a part of religious beliefs that teach compassion and humility? The idea of a scholar-warrior monk seems contradictory, because to most people martial arts are linked to violence and war. However, in the traditional temple martial arts styles, what is learned is not violence, but a path of ending violence and attaining enlightenment.

Detroit Kung Fu Studio Philosophy and Mission

The training program and teaching philosophy at Detroit Kung Fu Studio is consistent no matter the class, age group, or fitness ability of its students. We teach from the “inside-out” and from the “ground-up.”

The program starts with basic techniques of Kung Fu and Tai Chi to build a solid foundation and then work up to more complicated martial arts techniques and philosophy.

Our goal is to transmit genuine ability in Martial Arts to each and every student who walks through our doors and to provide a sense of accomplishment, confidence, increased energy and inner understanding.